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News and Comment September 2012

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25 September (Part 2) - Transparently no serious intent

Bexley's top 100Bexley council  likes to tell us how they are always open and transparent and nearly every day Bonkers can show the reverse. Last year they made a song and dance about their internet usage being within their own Acceptable Use Policy - that means no one is allowed to look at Bonkers. They got themselves a mention in the Evening Standard as well as the local newspapers.

Upon examination anyone who was in the slightest bit techno-savvy could see the whole thing was a nonsense and a waste of everyone’s time. That’s my excuse for not looking up the numbers again.

However when a reader suggested I take another look, what did I find? Bexley council’s desire to be open and transparent didn’t last long. There have been no updates since this time last year.


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