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News and Comment September 2012

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26 September (Part 1) - More Spin, Hype and Incoherent Twaddle, coming soon through a letter box near you

Bexley propaganda sheetDoes the councillor believe that offering employment with no pay for weeks on end will make people prosperous? Answers on a postcard to Bexley council.

Rather more serious is the half truth about services being pushed through the borough’s letter boxes by our fork tongued Conservative leaders. What about the services labelled only ‘Satisfactory’? Councillor John Fuller was issuing warnings about the poor performance earlier this year. ‘Satisfactory’ is government code for ‘barely adequate’? If John Fuller was aware of the problems last Spring why are Bexley’s Conservatives making these false claims now? And was I hallucinating when I read Will Tuckley’s apology for the poor reports from OFSTED?

OFSTED reportNot exactly a glowing endorsement is it? Where’s the excellent and outstanding?


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