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News and Comment September 2012

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27 September (Part 1) - Parking charges all at sea. A SWindle that Hurts Bexley businesses and residents alike

Barnehurst ward leaflet Big Fat LieBarnehurst ward would appear to be singularly well blessed with its councillors, all three have avoided the Bonkers spotlight for three whole years and my brief acquaintance with them suggests they may all be decent enough blokes. Probably that is why Teresa O’Neill sanctioned the use of such awful photos. Where did the beard and moustache come from?

One might also ask where the figures put out in their names came from too. I think a little comparison table is called for.

Before councillor Peter Craske’s arrest for Misconduct in Public Office, when he first hiked up all the parking charges and created the current surplus, Bexley’s charges were indisputably the most expensive for miles around - unless you chose to park in the shadow of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Since then other boroughs have raised their charges too but no other charges the same all night as Bexley does all day. A night out in Bexleyheath costs far more than anywhere else.

The places listed below were chosen at random except that they are all the most expensive town centre off street car parks. If anyone believes they are an unfair selection and does the research I will gladly publish a full list. Whether councillors Windle, Hurt and Marriner like it or not, they are a party to Teresa O’Neill’s deception - she is the publisher of the leaflet.


Town centres
Bexleyheath (Oaklands)
Bromley South
Croydon (Central)
East Ham (Centre)
Gravesham (All car parks)
Ilford (High Road)
Woolwich (Powis St.)
1 hour mid-week
1 hour after 18:30
£1.00 (overnight charge)
£2.70 (overnight charge)
free (after 18:00)
free (after 17:30)
£1.50 (overnight charge)
free (after 19:00)
free (after 18:00)

Sunday comparisons don’t look good either. No charge is the norm away from Bexley which charges full price 24/7. I think it is fair to say that Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill is guilty of a gross deception yet again. Oh, let’s stop beating about the bush, she is a first class mythomaniac.

I nearly forgot… Newham (East Ham and Stratford) may be more expensive than Bexley for daytime parking, but on the other hand their residents don’t pay for Parking Permits in Controlled Parking Zones. Neither do visitors. Bexley charges £120 a year and £20 for ten visitor permits - for how many hours of use, Bexley’s guidance notes fail to say.
Newham's free permits
After the 30 free parking permits more are available at 30 pence each.


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