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News and Comment September 2012

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29 September - Don’t get angry; get even

Bexley's complaints procedureSo you have proved that Bexley council lies and conspires to extricate itself from its mire of dishonesty and a senior member of staff accepts they have done exactly that yet no one is prepared to admit it in writing. What do you do? You complain to the quarter million pound Chief Executive Will Tuckley; surely he will admit a mistake when one is made. No, Tuckley gets himself off the hook by labelling you “vexatious” which means he refuses to answer for the council’s crimes. So you write one final letter to tell him what you think of him.

Letter to TuckleyI doubt that many people will see the “calibre of the man” from a letter hidden in a file and probably it would not do a lot of good if they did, Tuckley merely laughs all the way to the bank. Far better I feel is to post it here. It tells a grim tale of council dishonesty but overlooking that I found it rather amusing. Click the extract to see the full version. It has been transcribed to text; that way it is going to be indexed by search engines. No point in effectively hiding it through use of graphics files.


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