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News and Comment April 2019

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17 April - Road planning madness

Abbey WoodThe three hour traffic delays in Crayford caused by Thames Water are said to be over but Bexley Council hasn’t finished with Abbey Wood yet.

It planned to close all four carriageways of Eastern Way for four weeks while the parallel Eynsham Drive was closed for six so that they could repair the A2016’s central barrier. Offer up thanks that Bexley’s road manager Andrew Bashford is not yet in charge of the nation’s motorways.

The Eynsham Drive closure was deferred but with the diversion route of Harrow Manorway and Yarnton Way both currently reduced to half width the tail backs have stretched back to Plumstead and it takes up to an hour to traverse Harrow Manorway. The 180 and 401 bus routes are effectively cancelled as they are being cut short to retain some sort of timetable on the rest of their routes.

Traffic is scheduled to be back to normal in two weeks time but before then there will be added disruption in Felixstowe Road.

The regeneration work scheduled for November 2017 or January 2018 dependent on which leaflet you have to hand is set to begin next week.

Some details may be read here.

As you will see, Felixstowe Road is to be closed completely in June. The relief road will be Eynsham Drive but with its six week closure deferred to after Eastern Way is opened in the week commencing 6th May, it’s not impossible that both will be closed at the same time.

They wouldn’t be that mad would they?

I wouldn’t bet on it.


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