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News and Comment November 2023

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30 November - As bad as each other?

I believe that today Mr. Nick Hollier, long time loyalist to Bexley Council, leaves its employ possibly on retirement but good news whatever the reason. My favourite letter from Mr.Hollier was suffixed with the comments that may be read below.

I had very carefully constructed a complaint referencing the lies told about me by his Legal Team Leader. Confirmed as lies by four Councillors from both Parties. It was difficult to complain about a liar without using that word but I was pleased to use the word lying only once - and none of its derivatives.

Mr. Hollier was not happy about what I’d said and based on the one use of the word ‘lying’ threatened me with Unreasonable Customer Behaviour and being vexatious, hostile, abusive and offensive.

If you followed the link above you will know that my complaint was none of those things, nor anywhere close. I would also remind readers that the police regarded the lies as so serious that they sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service and specifically named Lynn Tyler as being one of several Bexley employees including the Chief Executive who had likely committed Misconduct in a Public Office.

Good riddance!
Hollier's dishonest comment

Things do not appear to have improved since. At an Employment Tribunal not very long ago, Ms. Lorraine Barlow another Head of Corporate Human Resources at Bexley Council impressed the judge with her lack of efficiency. Notes that were lost or maybe never existed were mysteriously found when that became convenient.

This is remarkably similar to what happened in the Tyler case above. She had produced alleged witness statements which were untruthful and denied by their so called signatories, who never actually signed them.
Employment Tribunal
The Tribunal concerned discriminatory pay levels in the surveyor’s department and the claim was not upheld but the judgment (PDF) includes a few items of interest. Like Bexley Council spent £55 million on its Temporary Accommodation Project. In effect doing the reverse of what the Housing Associations have been doing recently.
Employment Tribunal


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