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News and Comment February 2024

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25 February (Part 1) - Crossing Yarnton Way

It took six hours from publication time for it to arrive, but a message came in from a Conservative Councillor who wished to comment on the blog about Richard Diment’s report to Cabinet. I never know whether to name such Councillors and thereby - with any luck - enhance their reputation in their ward or refer back to a police statement I have on file which says that after every election Councillors are taken aside by the Tory Leader and lectured on the importance of never engaging with me or reading Bonkers as I am an absolutely poisonous influence on the borough.

I have no idea if Teresa O’Neill really does that (though she has banned BiB from Council servers) because the individual who signed the statement was by far the biggest liar to ever grace (disgrace?) Bexley’s Council chamber. Long gone fortunately but if the name ever reappears on a ballot paper, avoid it like the plague. Such characters never reform.

So do I reveal the new contactְ’s name and risk wrecking their political careers, or not? Maybe I should simply refer to the latest one as Smith to preserve some degree of anonymity.

Mr. Smith puts forward the informed opinion that the Yarnton Way crossing is delayed while a flooding issue is investigated. I have no reason to cast doubt on Councillor Smith’s word, Thamesmead is one enormous flood risk but on the other hand there must be at least three flood-free pedestrian crossings in Yarnton Way already.

There should be more Councillors like Mr. Smith. One of the increasing number of good guys. Can he assure us that after investing in four crossings elsewhere, there will be money left for our Northern outpost?


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