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News and Comment June 2024

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18 June (Part 2) - Where does all the money go?

It is well known that the biggest money pit in Council finances is Children’s and Adults’ Social Care. All the time that Councils are willing to pay £16,000 a month to contain one unruly child, taxpayers will continue to be impoverished. £63 million on educating the borough’s children and caring for those less fortunate. Not figures that lend themselcves to averaging but £210,000 each is remarkably similar to the Chief Executive’s pay. Are there really 24 people on his level of salary crammed into his plush office?

£5 million on the Chief Executive’s hospitality cupboard and daily chocolate biscuits looks to be living on the grand scale. Bureaucracy and profligacy go hand in hand.

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CIES: Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement.


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