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23 June - Put on the spot

I only know one other person who collects election leaflets but he hasn’t got any either so my archive is bare. In Erith & Thamesmead you wouldn’t know there is an election coming up, I thought a canvasser had called earlier today but it was Jehovah’s Witnesses again, If you are pleasant to them once they think they are on to a good thing and become a regular nuisance.

During the week I have noticed two missed calls on my mobile and one on the landline, all from 0131 507 0181. I checked it out. IPSOS Mori. They called again around 12:30 today and you can guess what that was about. Some of the questions make you think. Is Sunak seriously bad but the Conservative party is OK and every combination of those two questions. (Ditto every party and leader.) It depends what you mean by Conservative party, Mrs. Thatcher’s party, even David Cameron’s party or the shower we have now.

I think 27 minutes and 48 seconds of IPSOS Mori forced me into accepting that I will have to vote Reform UK on Thursday week. 60 years of voting for The Conservative Party will have to be swapped for 60 years of voting for a conservative party. Shame but they have been asking for it for several years.


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