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News and Comment May 2024

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28 May (Part 3) - Knee Hill is shut all week

Broken down Broken downI suppose closing the turn right lane on Woolwich Road because Knee Hill is shut all week seemed like a good idea at the time but if someone breaks down in the remaining lane it can only result in chaos.

This unfortunate lady did her best to remove the cones with some help from the van driver who backed up to assist. He made a small gap in the cone line and went on the wrong side of the road to get there. Not sure why that was necessary but a spur of the moment decision to help presumably.

Photos from the front of an SL3 with an ambulance on blue lights and a siren stuck behind it. Eventually the lady opened a bigger gap into the turn right lane and we were able to creep by. Well done her.

The reason Knee Hill is shut may be a state secret.


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