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29 May (Part 1) - A disgrace to Bexley Council

Coptefield Drive was close to being blocked all day yesterday. A van driver had parked in the orthodox manner and a black car was tucked in behind it; all fair enough but then a lunatic in Mercedes P1 XND parked end-on opposite leaving a 65 cm gap to the kerb.

Unfortunately Bexley Council does not enforce the 50 cm kerb rule because of their assumed lack of numeracy skills among the enforcement staff. They cannot be trusted to handle a tape measure, but never mind, the Mercedes driver had only blocked the road to large vehicles and as far as I am aware none came past. But then we had the pleasure of welcoming LD71 EBJ to the scene and there was no way through.

The red car is mine and neighbours from both sides of the road took a look at guiding me through but a quart will not go into a pint pot. So after a brief use of the horn and an enquiry at the nearest door there was nothing to do but wait and contemplate a call to 101; but what good would that do?

I walked away and left it but was fortunately around to see the driver return. Not a word was said as I photographed her several times. Then as she opened the car door I spotted the Bexley Council badge and I held it open for a moment to take note of the name. Kelly Wilkinson.

I think she asked me to let it go, not absolutely sure, but there was nothing said that was unduly bad tempered. I said she would soon be all over Facebook (I am not sure why I said that) but nothing more until after she had left when a neighbour would have heard me call her an idiot preceded by a suitable adjective.

This sort of behaviour might be acceptable if she had explained that she was on an emergency call (if she was) and there was nowhere else to park (there was) but to remain absolutely mute is really rude, although maybe not for a Bexley Council employee.

Road blocked Road blocked Road blocked Too far from the kerb

I am minded to put in an official complaint about Ms. Wilkinson if only to see what excuse Bexley Council comes up with. Personally I don’t think there is one for saying absolutely nothing. Perhaps she is from the FOI Department.


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