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News and Comment April 2012

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6 April (Part 3) - Whatever are they thinking?

Bexley's so called certificateLast October a couple of the leaders of Notomob met Bexley’s parking manager Tina Brooks. They were not impressed and she didn’t like being shown what proper certification for CCTV cars looked like. She didn’t like the suggestion that she should apply for a certificate either as it would, as she freely admitted, confirm they hadn’t got one. Bexley council would like you to think otherwise but the Notomob people recorded their conversation so we know it is all true.

None of that stopped Bexley council burying its head in the sand and councillors like John Davey telling everyone things were absolutely Hunkey Dory because someone had told him it was so.

Covered CCTV Covered CCTVThings have been quiet recently; a couple of readers reported seeing CCTV cars going around town with the cameras covered up without knowing why. There was a suspicion that they were being used as staff taxis and not for enforcement, a thought somewhat encouraged by the fact that NSL staff refused to talk about it. I wondered whether Bexley was at last applying for a certificate. Then a few days ago Bexley did something it promised to do six months ago, it put the details of its certification on the web. Except of course they didn’t really.

What they have put up is a list of the equipment in use and a link to a letter dated 2009 which refers only to the car which carries it. There is also an assurance that everything is in order because they have won some cases with the Adjudicator. They do not mention that none have been won when Notomob were representing the appellants and presented the right evidence.

I reported Bexley council’s latest claims to Nigel Wise who has beaten Richmond and Westminster councils at this game and after he stopped laughing he made some comments on Notomob’s forum.

Bexley’s certificate. A proper certificate. (PDF files)


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