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News and Comment April 2012

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16 April (Part 1) - The Truth. Make up your own mind

As promised I have added a page of The Truth’s messages. Unfortunately I believe the correspondence may be incomplete as some messages were read via webmail and I think I may have deleted those, but if The Truth would care to fill in the gaps I will gladly include them.

I may have misread the family connection. When I was confronted by the group outside the court some of them claimed to be friends, others family. The Truth now claims to be neither despite his messages revealing he was part of the group. He appears to be concerned that I removed the temporary text that was unashamedly placed here yesterday circa 6 a.m to entice readers back later. It said I was off to take photographs. Why that is incriminating I do not know but The Truth claims to have a screen shot of it so if he would care to send me a copy I will happily reinstate it here.


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