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News and Comment April 2012

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25 April (Part 2) - Comments and corrections

I have very nearly caught up with answering old emails (†) but new ones keep arriving.

One tells me I can’t count and it is right. There are five automatic toilets in the borough and not just the four I wrongly counted on the council’s list. I don’t like having things on site that are wrong so I have corrected Monday’s blog but will place my mistake on record by by confirming that each automatic toilet need only have 707 customers per day and not 880 as previously stated. The total number remains the same at over 3,500 of course. It might be cheaper to place a little man with a mop outside each one.

Mrs. Grootendorst's hedge Not my hedge! Only the drive is mineI have been taken to task for suggesting that Mrs. Grootendorst’s hedge is a little on the tall side when my own is just as bad. I should probably state that the hedge outside my house is my neighbour’s, not mine. The end of a cul-de-sac layout is squashed at the point where plots adjoin the road and things are not as they might seem. Actually the view shown here is just after it was trimmed yesterday, the first time it has been cut since last Summer. Normally I do it but I seem to have been otherwise occupied recently.

Feedback about this website from council sources is relatively rare and I sometimes wonder what they might think of it. My fear is that by making their position ever more uncomfortable the decent ones will up and go leaving us only with ‘the crooks’. I have certainly had comment from the former that they do not want to be associated with obscene blogs. Now news comes in that two of the ‘good guys’ are being elbowed out of the cabinet. Councillors Hurt and Catterall have been named.

If the following email (which the sender suggested I publish here) is typical it will not only be the good guys who will be going…

All that paper, all that police time, all that Council time…. Wasted !……….all my Council Tax being WASTED!!!! The next time we have a local election I will ONLY vote for those who are NOT on the Council now. Anything to get rid of these idiots!

It’s about Olly’s prosecution in case you hadn’t guessed. The writer is a medical man whose email gives a few clues as to his profession qualifications. One might assume he is a natural Conservative voter. Will his conclusions please councillor Chris Ball the Labour leader? If everyone voted against the incumbents a Labour administration would be possible - not guaranteed - but Chris would definitely lose his seat.

Another correspondent provides a load of alarming detail on what looks like more corruption, none of which can be published - at least not yet - but ends with some nice words of encouragement. “Keep up the good work - your website is the best thing on the net”. I think I can safely say that while the correspondence flows freely the site will continue but the time pressures are considerable. Email I can just about keep up with, telephone calls I don’t always answer but lately the door bell has been ringing too. Word has got around that I am the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. No way!

(†) Email sent between 23rd March and 3rd April was lost because of a hard drive failure.


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