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News and Comment August 2012

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14 August - Deaf to reason

Things are quiet on the Bonkers front at the moment but busy for me personally so it may be a day or two before there is much new here.

No earsThere has been some correspondence about mayor Alan Downing’s pen jabbing activities. The Standards Board leaned over backwards in May (councillors Cheryl Bacon and Alex Sawyer on that occasion) to try to absolve Councillor Downing from all blame but felt obliged to say “Councillor Downing’s response to the request for the microphone to be turned on could be considered as disrespectful”. Anything less and it would have been a total whitewash. However it now looks as though Bexley council is pulling back from that by blaming the deaf man for being deaf just as Downing did when he said “you must have personal problems”. Bexley council looks to be saying it is the deaf who are disrespectful if they ask for a a microphone to be switched on. This may sound incredible to you as it did to me but with councillor Val Clarke, whose year as mayor provided so much unbelievable stupidity, involved, anything is possible.

As an observant reader pointed out, our ‘Listening council’ has used an image with no ears to illustrate its complaints procedure. More likely that’s an X-Ray image and it shows no brain.

When all the correspondence becomes available I’ll let you see some extracts so that the full extent of any dishonesty and stupidity can be seen by all.


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