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News and Comment August 2012

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26 August - Safest borough in London. Not if you are black

Police thugs Police thugsI had planned to be writing to the police this weekend - the Directorate of Professional Standards are still asking questions - but a report in yesterday’s Guardian ensured I would be writing about them too. That report tells how a young black lad was wrestled to the ground in Sidcup High Street by PC John Lovegrove and an accomplice, both of Bexleyheath police. It was about the fiftieth occasion the youth had been stopped and searched apparently for no other reason than he is black. Never has he been found to be doing anything wrong.

This time PC Lovegrove was responding to a call that a white youth had been seen with a knife, but never mind, when needs must any black man will do. What a disgrace. Another uniformed thug.

The black youngster found himself being prosecuted at Bromley Youth Court charged with assaulting a police officer. In particular spitting and causing PC Lovegrove’s hand to be grazed while being felled. The CCTV evidence proved that Lovegrove had made it all up. The CPS said “This youth was charged by the police with assaulting a constable and our review of the case relied upon a summary of the evidence and other information provided by the police. We fully accept we should have reviewed all of the evidence more thoroughly before the beginning of the trial”.

That’s pretty much the same as when Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley dishonestly reported me to the police for threatening violence towards them. The CPS accepted it without question and recommended prosecution. The police’s victim in Sidcup High Street is going to sue. Maybe Bexleyheath’s police commander Victor Olisa will look into putting Lovegrove on a perjury charge. What with today’s revelations and yesterday’s Olisa’s reputation is in danger of heading the same way as his predecessor’s.

Click either image above for the Guardian’s report or Google “PC john lovegrove sidcup” for many more.

CPS websiteWhile perusing the Crown Prosecution Service’s website I came across this. Maybe Chief Superintendent Olisa could consider a charge of Misconduct in Public Office as well as perjury. PC John Lovegrove would appear to have fallen foul of the first two examples of that offence.

I can think of more who might be guilty of the same offence. Teresa O'Neill is very clearly identified by the police as naming John Kerlen and me as the source of the flaming torches metaphor. Will Tuckley was later forced into admitting he did the same and councillor Phil Read maliciously reported John Kerlen to the police for an imaginary breach of his bail conditions. I think I’ll have a word with John to see if he would join me in making a formal allegation of Misconduct in Public Office. Not to Bexleyheath police obviously as the bulge in their carpet is big enough already. I am informed that Scotland Yard has a department that specialises in this sort of thing.


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