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News and Comment December 2012

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28 December - Normal service may prove to be elusive

It’s going to be hard to escape from the Christmas lethargy so it is perhaps just as well there is no news really worthy of comment. Just to prove that I have not succumbed to drink or norovirus…

The friendly police officer told me on Christmas Eve that she had waded through ¾ of the forensics’ report on a second batch of councillor Peter Craske’s communications devices. At that rate of progress it will be another week before the job is finished and if the officer took no Christmas and New Year break - but she did.

It was rather impressive that I reported a new and unfortunately positioned pothole to Bexley council on the 24th and it was fixed - maybe not very expertly - the same day but it was disappointing to note that the street lights along Knee Hill have reverted to type. i.e. off all night with one on during the day.

Road closedTwo people have drawn my attention to the fact that Danson Road is to be disrupted by three months of gas main replacement starting next week. That will be nice for anyone driving between Crayford and Welling and attempting to bypass Bexleyheath using Albion Road, usually the easiest way. They will find it blocked half way along and the obvious diversion from there is Townley Road and a variety of minor roads which emerge, guess where? In Danson Road of course. A degree of chaos would appear to be more than likely.

Will I lose all credibility if I admit to getting Christmas good wishes of the electronic variety from two politicians? One Labour and one Conservative; which was nice. Thank you both.

Now it’s back to the letter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission that I have to write, not my idea of New Year fun.


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