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News and Comment February 2012

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3 February - A quiet day

There is not going to be any significant news today and probably the same during the weekend, I really must catch up on some other things.

I understand that Bexleyheath police have today and at long last returned all of Olly Cromwell’s property taken from his house in a dawn raid last October and kept contrary to a District Judge’s recommendation more than six weeks ago. So thanks to councillor Melvin Seymour manufacturing an artificial threat to his family by telling the police his location had been identified - it had not, he did that himself by advertising his business - Olly was put to enormous inconvenience and expense. The court found him not guilty of harassment charges.

Last night Bexley council Planning Committee was due to consider the planning application for a new ADSA in Belvedere as recommended by its officials. ASDA’s own website confirms that the plan was rejected in order to protect local shops. I went to see the owner of the biggest nearby shop this afternoon. He had not heard the news and said he will be disappointed if the scheme does not go ahead because he believes it will bring additional trade to the area.

ASDA’s Senior Property Communications Manager, Chris Martin, said about Bexley council: “They have ignored the support we received from across the community including residents, businesses and those seeking jobs”. Welcome to Bonkers Bexley Mr. Martin. That’s Bexley council for you; you could say pretty much the same about the petition rejection.

Google search termLast weekend I gave an example of one of the sillier search terms used to get to this website. It seems that the technique is being enhanced. “Tosser” is no longer enough. It really doesn’t bother me, unlike Bexley council’s obscene blog I regard it as par for the course. It does no one any harm. Maybe I should change my name to Melvin Seymour and report it to the police.


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