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News and Comment February 2012

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29 February - End of month review

Another quiet month with nothing new of any significance. It was however a month that saw something which has been thankfully rare, reader criticism - anonymous obviously. I recall only one previous incidence. However this one says I should stop pouring forth “bile on a daily basis” as it is “gratuitous abuse and offence”. It doesn't say to whom, Bexley council presumably. This critic seems to know quite a lot about me so it would appear that he/she does actually read Bonkers daily. I don't quite understand why people who find what is written here offensive bile keep coming back for more. It’s the same with Olly’s Twitter account. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t use the C word to satiate his followers’ lust for rude words. After a while it stops being funny to all but a few. Is Sandra Bauer still hooked on it and complaining? I would hope not.

Surely the same should be true of ‘offensive bile’? Those given the star treatment on this website have responded in a variety of ways. Everything from reporting me to the police to knocking on my door and asking nicely. I’m not convinced the site is a non-stop diet of offensive bile, a lot of it just reports what’s going on, from a particular point of view perhaps, but it aims to be accurate and Bexley council has never had reason to put Bonkers on its ‘Setting the record straight’ feature as it has a couple of local newspapers.

To console myself I looked at my record of emails and found that support outweighed criticism by a rather neat 1,111:1. There were other interesting emails this month, including two from ex and current Bexley council employees which may eventually prove interesting. I also received a poetic response to Bonkers which was a bit different to the usual fare. I’m no judge of poetry and ordinarily may not have published it but it acts as a bit of a contrast to the bile and vitriol accusations so I’ll share it with you. Do let me know if your bile-o-meter is triggered too often.

Councillor O'Hares's barber shop Councillor O'Hares's carIt would appear my 14th February picture of the car with the personalised number plate (a rather better effort than the one shown here) was understood by almost no one - which was the general idea. It was supposed to be a visual pun on Olly’s posting of an anonymous house which got him into so much trouble. The almost anonymous number plate picture was accompanied by a similar comment to Olly’s. So far, touch wood, it hasn’t landed me in court.

The number reads, with a bit of imagination, Nick O’Hare - a Bexley councillor who is reported to own the barber’s shop at 284 Broadway. Maybe you should call in and put a bit of business his way. There are conflicting reports as to whether he is the demon with the scissors himself but if he is, probably best not to mention this site at the time. I think I am going to stick to bile and vitriol in future, I am not exactly brilliantine at barber jokes.


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