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News and Comment January 2012

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1 January (Part 2) - Happy holidays?

Tenerife apartmentThere has been a bit of a spat going on on the Trip Advisor (holiday recommendations) forum since last August. A number of people claim that they rented an apartment in Tenerife and cannot get their deposit bonds back. Various sums from £200 to £1,350 are involved. A couple of people say they managed to get their deposits back after months of delay but most are getting nowhere and at best getting promises that fail to materialise.

The most strongly worded comments make accusations of widespread wrongdoing by “you and your crooked dad” and not content with that there are accusations of marital bed hopping complete with addresses of those alleged to be involved. Some comments have been removed by the forum moderator and yesterday’s personal ones are sure to suffer the same fate. I won’t be publishing my screen grabs.

Who are these people attracting such opprobrium? The main man is a Mark Campbell, he is either owner of the apartment or the manager depending on whose story you believe. Some say he lives in Tenterden and owns a number of businesses. Companies House gives a number of clues. Mark Colin Campbell has been or is a director of Bexley Barbers Ltd, Bexley Cabs Ltd and Compass Property Finders Ltd. All are registered in Tenterden.

Another Mark Colin Campbell company was Ocean Travel Ltd. It’s not in business any more but its registered address was 25 Camden Road, Bexley. Sound familiar? It should do, it is councillor Colin Campbell’s address. A quick bit of genealogy research shows that Colin Edward Campbell married Pamela Linford and had a son Mark Colin on the same date given in the company director’s details. Pamela gets a mention on the Trip Advisor forum too, a family link looks to be a near certainty. No one has made a specific or substantiated allegation against councillor Campbell but maybe we have another Bexley linked travel business heading for the rocks.

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