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News and Comment January 2012

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23 January (Part 1) - Subject Access Request

I returned yesterday evening from a weekend away to find a package from Bexley council on the doormat. It contained a copy of my own letter dated 21st November 2010 when I complained about councillor Craske’s behaviour at a council meeting - and the council’s subsequent reply. Copies of emails between Mr. Chris Loynes and myself in December 2010 and January 2011 when I appealed against the white washing of Craske’s offences and copies of the correspondence which followed mayor Val Clarke’s curtailment of public question time dating from March 2011. There is nothing in the package which I’ve not seen before. My Subject Access Request said, “A minimum response would be all the correspondence by councillors and officials from January to April 2011 which led to Mr. Tuckley reporting me to Bexley police for Criticising councillors at a personal level”. Of that there is nothing and it is not hard to see why.

If Tuckley had said something like “Take a look at this Teresa. Outrageous. Have you any idea who might have done it?” and the reply came back, “Sorry, no idea but it is vital we find out or we will all look like criminals” you could be pretty sure that correspondence would have been forthcoming by now. But if it was something along the lines of “Teresa, I told you blogging was a damn fool idea, get your Berk of a councillor to take it down at once” you probably wouldn't want to tell anyone. Which is probably why they don’t want to tell anyone.

The unfortunate soul who had to write the covering letter for the latest package apologetically acknowledges that it is not what I was asking for. Looks like he is being kept well and truly under the Tuckley thumb intent on perverting justice.


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