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News and Comment July 2012

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22 July (Part 1) - Feedback

Uden & CoThe tasteless undertaker’s premises provoked a few comments, none favourable. A lady from Beckenham said she had employed Uden’s a few years ago when her mother died but there is no way she would have done if their premises there had been festooned with notices and traffic cones. In her opinion it looks as though an old family business has been taken over by a glitzy American outfit.

Ordinarily that would be nothing to do with me but that ‘Working with Bexley council’ logo is intriguing. What is that all about? Are they employed to bury Bexley council’s dirty secrets perhaps?

Another reader sent me the rather startllng photograph. Maybe one receptacle could be labelled Cremations and the other Burials and Uden & Sons could provide the first 24/7 DIY body disposal service.

The feature on dropped kerbs provoked comment too, a bit along the lines of ‘what is newsworthy about that? Bexley council does that sort of thing every day’. My own driveway is at the end of a cul-de-sac so I drive straight into it, the only problem being it is steep enough to scrape the underside of a car if approached at more than a snail’s pace. I don’t have to think about turning sharply on a possibly busy road.

It has been claimed that Bexley council is reluctant to allow dropped kerbs wider than the drive entrance and that they are oblivious to the fact that the rear wheels will describe a different arc to the front and therefore tend to hit the full height kerb. Actually I’m not sure that Bexley council’s ignorance of steering geometry is news either. Isn’t it a fact that within the past two years they have designed and built two roundabouts that weren’t negotiable by buses and lorries? Who can forget the Ruxley Corner and Wickham Lane Peter Craske authorised fiascos?


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