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News and Comment June 2012

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30 June (Part 2) - Still taking the pee. Tasteless funeral parlours are us

W. Uden & SonsThe bright yellow cab signs down in Bexley Village may have made some residents hot under the collar but they are the pinnacle of good taste compared to those that desecrate the old public toilets opposite the Shopping Mall entrance in Townley Road.

The town centre public convenience was sold off by Bexley council as a demonstration of their minimal regard for public needs and councillor Gareth Bacon who pushed through the plan expected to get around £175,000 for the building. In the event W. Uden, the undertakers, coughed up £239,000. For that Bexley council must have been very very grateful. If you look at the premises now you might wonder exactly how appreciative they are. Just how are we supposed to interpret the slogan “Working with Bexley council”?

Festooned with adverts
Festooned with adverts
If I counted correctly the revamped toilets have ten ugly advertising boards visible from the street and the whole effect is tasteless in the extreme. Who would want to be seen dead there if that is the respect W. Uden & Sons has for the community and environment? And how come Bexley council has approved such over the top eye-sores?

Report from a suggestion by a Townley Road resident.


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