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News and Comment June 2012

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6 June (Part 2) - Lots of smoke, a little bit of fire

Bexley Cabs There have been two reports this morning that there has been no change to the signs at Bexley Cabs; later today I shall go to check for myself.

One report provided rather more information about developments in Bexley Village which made it sound like a hotbed of intrigue. Some research will be necessary.

Bexley Village is not the only place about which rumour abounds. Over in Sidcup some are blaming Waitrose’s reluctance to take up residence on excessive parking restrictions and others suggest that Waitrose were looking for Business Rate concessions. If it were true it would make Bexley council’s Waitrose petition look a bit of a fraud.

Bexley Cabs on TwitterOther gossips claim that Wilkinson fell out with Bexley council over some trivial arrangement of a dropped kerb and so won’t be moving into the old Somerfield store. Seems a bit far fetched to me. On the other hand according to the Sidcup Community Group, Bexley council killed off the plans the High Street traders had for a Diamond Jubilee street party, road closure and street cleaning being a major obstacle.

I wonder how much the council charged themselves for holding up traffic in the Broadway for an hour or two on Sunday?


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