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News and Comment June 2012

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4 June - Not a day for taking the bus to Bluewater

Buses Tower PlaqueA few minutes before mid-day the sky was grey and the crowds were thin but at exactly the right time there was a hint of warmth and the sun burst through, proving, presumably that it doesn’t only shine on the righteous. Accompanied by some marching bands a dozen or more councillors walked from Christchurch to the 100 year old clock tower where a decent crowd of shoppers stood for long enough to hear mayor Alan Downing address them.

Well I assume they heard him but maybe only those not too far away. I am not sure what the mayor said because although I was only thirty feet from the speaker system it was only just audible and would have required quiet and concentration to easily absorb his words.

It should have been louder but no one dared to ask Downing to turn up the volume. I suspect he was telling us about the clock tower’s new plaque which he unveiled. Later a lady from the Bexley Historical Society provided some details and we learned that the plan is to put a bust of Queen Elizabeth II on the vacant plinth by this time next year. A public appeal for funds is to be made.
Mayor Ros Downing Melvin SeymourIncluding those who were merely observing or working at charity tents there were about 20 councillors present. Councillor James Hunt recognised me and graciously passed the time of day but whilst mayoress Downing smiled and waved in my direction I have my doubts that I was her target.

Councillor Melvin Seymour appeared to have acquired an unfortunate eye-infection, either that or he was dressed to meet up with his in-laws later. Those who boast about their serious reputations for committing violence.


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