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News and Comment May 2012

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25 May (Part 3) - How many criminals make a council?

Councillors O'Neill and SeymourI think it’s pretty safe to say there’s a criminal in Bexley council. Although the police are naturally reluctant to provide details they admit to sending a file to the Crown Prosecution Service and it is inconceivable that any likely obscene blogger they found didn’t have Bexley council connections. Who else knew that Elwyn Bryant and I were in the council offices on May 20th last year or that Nicholas Dowling and I visited the Cinema Car Park? And would it not also be a criminal offence to offer the culprit protection?

Who else in Bexley council might be mixed up with criminal activity?

Soon after I left Bexley Magistrates Court on 14th April a group of councillor Seymour’s friends surrounded me uttering thinly veiled threats in a menacing fashion. They followed it up with anonymous electronic messages. “Shut your mouth” etc.

Olly Cromwell experienced much the same. Here is a selection of [spelling, punctuation and grammar uncorrected] quotes…

• I was wholly disappointed as i was told your mob would be up for it.
• the councillor, who happend to be related to me through my wife.
• Wheres the interview you cunt?. You complete Cunt!
• My name has been kept off these post for very good reason.I have a serious reputation
• i feel the need to make you eat those words
• I haven't threatened you and if I had you would know it as I would leave you in no doubt.
• Seems you don't want this to end in peace
• i walked straight up to all your supporters and watched them melt into a puddle of piss when they were confronted.When you are in front of me looking in my eyes will you be any different? We shall see.
• How are you getting on with locating me through my ip?

So there you have a flavour of what sort of family Conservative councillor Melvin Seymour has. And how well did we get on with locating Seymour’s hard man relative via his IP address? Very well as it happens. routed directly to a set of security cameras labelled Dalhanna.

The nearest Dalhanna to be found is a few miles away in an area reputed to be home to more than its fair share of criminals. But was it the right Dalhanna? A file from the Land Registry and the Estate Agents’ brochure showed a match with the seven separate CCTV views. Even the cracks in the paving stones were identical.

A search revealed the names of all the occupiers and all the electronic messages bore the same IP address, the same one as the CCTV images. Had our man been found? Could anything be done about him? Olly Cromwell decided no; and no one would trust the police not to double-cross him. Councillors are a protected species and Olly had a different priority; the imminent birth of his son - who arrived last Monday by the way.

Then someone posted rather more than Olly would have wished on the net which let the developments revealed above out of the bag. Melvin Seymour’s friends and family went to work. They identified themselves to someone closely involved in all this - sorry I am not at liberty at present to say who - and they severely beat him up. However once again they were rather stupid when it comes to the CCTV situation. The assault took place under the watchful eye of a security camera. Not one run by Bexley council fortunately, so there can be little chance of Bexley council perverting the course of justice.

Let’s see if I get warned off by ‘The Truth’ again.

Note: Seven book pages from CCTV. One from Estate Agents’ leaflet. IP address is no longer available to view.


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