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News and Comment June 2012

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2 June - Bexley Cabs; ready to take you for a ride

Bexley Cabs Bexley Cabs Bexley Cabs has not yet obtained Planning Permission. At the time of writing it is yet to appear on any Planning Committee Agenda but the Campbell’s business is pretty much ready to go. Their premises are adorned with smart new signs and the office is kitted out. Without guarantees from Bexley council who would risk that sort of expenditure without planning consent? Who but a councillor or his son would get away with putting up the first set of signs without permission?

The ‘Opening Soon’ message on the external signs has gone, it looks like arrogance and assumption has usurped the Planning Laws.

I would guess that when the plan is eventually considered by the Planning Committee it will go through, it is quite persuasive. Any of its members who might listen to the objectors and go against council deputy leader Colin Campbell’s ambitions to take over Bexley Village might kiss goodbye to his own political ambitions.

Bexley Cabs Bexley Cabs TwitterTo adapt Bexley Cabs’ slogan, “Let Bexley council take the worry out of your planning application. Get the power of the deputy leader behind you”.Later.

Hmm. Maybe not so easy after all.


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