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News and Comment June 2012

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21 June (Part 2) - Open for business

Bexley Cabs Bexley Cabs Bexley CabsSoon after 7 a.m. yesterday morning the first message arrived to say Bexley Cabs was open for business. Later it became clear that the whole of the village had been leafleted. I didn’t find it difficult to get down there and find myself a copy. Click extract for full version.

Bexley Cabs Bexley CabsFrom the leaflet it does look as though Bexley Cabs might be offering a telephone only service from a home or other address but the office was open with Mark Campbell inside and a cab outside until at least 9:30 in the evening. So that theory flies out of the window. I was going to ask him to take me home when I left the area at 10:15 but by then he had gone. However Mr. Campbell can been seen in his office on the enlarged photograph taken at 21:21.

As a stranger said to me in the street, “who but a councillor’s son would have the cheek to go ahead after last week’s decision?” And just what was all that Twittering about which said it was wrong to report his plan to open anyway?


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