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News and Comment June 2012

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22 June (Part 3) - Have a good day

Bexley Cabs open for businessI have to remind myself of what Bexley council did to Olly Cromwell and tried to do to me to stop myself feeling sorry for Mark Campbell of Bexley Cabs who has the misfortune to be the son of a Bexley councillor. If it wasn’t for that family link I doubt he would have warranted a mention here. To an extent he is caught in the crossfire exchanged with a dishonest council. Not that Bexley villagers are seeing things that way, they just don’t like to see their conservation area desecrated by yellow signs and parking disrupted.

Mr. Campbell probably thinks he is having a bad day today. Olly Cromwell has been engaging with him on Twitter but that is the least of his problems…

Yesterday someone asked for a copy of my photo of Mark in his office and his sign on the pavement to add to their copy of his leaflet. They had been speaking to someone in the council’s Planning Department who said he would issue an enforcement notice if the evidence was sent to him. It landed on the planning officer’s desk this morning.

Someone else had a similar conversation with TfL - the Public Carriage Office as it used to be called. They asked for the evidence too, and finally a deputation of concerned villagers had a meeting with their MP James Brokenshire to tell him of their dissatisfaction with Bexley Cabs and the blind eye allegedly turned on certain things in Bexley by planners.

For the record, my interpretation of TfL’s rules is that Campbell’s telephone booking service doesn't offend their guidelines. They don’t approve of such services but as long as certain rules are observed they aren’t illegal. Operating from the centre of Bexley village in defiance of the council may well be a different matter.


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