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News and Comment June 2012

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27 June (Part 2) - Cab wars

Taxi outside Jackson House Taxi beneath clamping warning Taxi beneath Clamping warningThe owner of Bexley Cabs isn’t being given any peace and nor apparently are his neighbours, disturbed as they are by late night door slamming. Cars have been seen overstaying their welcome in the 20 minute bays outside Bar Lorca and on the other side of the cab office cars are using the forecourt of Jackson House.

A source who has been 100% reliable hitherto has said the property owner is not happy about it and the clamping company has asked to be notified if anyone at all parks there. The same source has been notifying the council’s parking staff when there is a taxi in the 20 minute bays. It is only a matter of time before real hostilities break out. Already, the same source reports, the doormen at the Bar Lorca have had to be employed later into the night in an attempt to calm the situation. The photos are of a Bexley Cabs car parked beneath the clamping company’s sign.

As previously reported, Bexley Cabs may be entirely legal if it operates only a telephone booking service but I am assured that customers have been video’d hiring a cab in the office. If that reaches TfL it should provoke a reaction.

Other reports indicate that Bexley council have issued an Enforcement Notice against Bexley Cabs but that isn’t going to have any effect except in the long term. It’s not a situation where you can send in the police and arrest someone. Unfortunately Bexley council’s awful website has been in trouble since at least yesterday lunchtime and countless links have been leading to ’Page not found’ irrespective of the browser in use. I shall be looking again for that Enforcement Notice later.

I still cannot understand how any sane businessman is so intent on breaking every rule in every book and annoying so many of his neighbours. Maybe the clue is in the word sane.


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