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News and Comment March 2012

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18 March (Part 1) - Fighting back

Web hits graphAs the graph indicates, Bexley people are a blood thirsty lot attracted to scandal and intrigue. The unjustified attack on Olly Cromwell this week by a Bexley councillor created widespread interest. It also created a sense of despair in many correspondents who now know just what sort of people are running our council. It is time to hit back.

Those who follow things very closely may have noticed that I have very much slowed the placement of correspondence on the site. There has been nothing new about harassment and obscenities this year. This is because I sensed that it was providing information to ‘the enemy’ who then took avoiding action. A little while later I received what might be termed official advice that I had been doing just that. You will have to guess who told me that but I can tell you it wasn’t far from the centre of power.

Over the last few months I have accumulated several snippets of information about Bexley council’s criminal activities which I have been unable to share with you but I believe that era may be coming to an end. I no longer feel that correspondence must be kept secret and I shall gradually reveal more of it. Additional links will appear on the Site map as and when I can find the time. One is there already, a complaint sent to the Local Government Ombudsman yesterday. It went as a letter on paper but I have placed it on the web as plain text to allow search engines (Google etc.) to make the most of it and spread the word as far as possible. I know that the LGO is stuffed full of ex-council employees, just as the IPCC is stuffed full of ex-police officers, but whether they reject my complaint or not doesn’t really matter, it all helps demonstrate how corrupt the entire system is.

I am tempted to say more but it might be more fun to drip feed it. Putting Olly through hell for something he has not done (the judge agreed with that) was unforgivable and now that he has been silenced by Bexley council’s falsehoods I shall do what I can to help expose the criminals in our midst.


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