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News and Comment March 2012

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20 March (Part 2) - Should I be offended?

Google web search reportYou’ve probably seen this image before. It’s the one Google presented to me when someone searched for the phrase shown and Google led them to Bonkers - 21 times!

It’s not exactly the internet crime of the century; in fact I don’t think it is a crime at all. To my mind it ranks alongside Olly putting up an anonymous picture of a run-of-the-mill sort of house and asking the rhetorical question, “what sort of c*** lives in a house like this?”. The language isn't going to hurt anyone especially as unlike my own critic, Olly didn’t provide a name. It’s definitely not in any way comparable to what one of Will Tuckley’s friends or their mates did to me and Elywn Bryant, something that the police eventually accepted was a homophobic hate crime.

So why bring it all up again now?

Because I now know who did it, that is why. That’s not know as in ‘I’ve a pretty good idea’, it’s know as in ‘I’m absolutely certain’. Who? Who? I hear you ask. Not sure I am ready to say yet or even at all, but I wouldn’t be bothered mentioning it if it was someone you’d never heard of would I? That would be pointless mischief making, this is closer to mischief making with a point!

Philip ReadYes I know it effectively blackens all our councillor’s names, but I’m not sure I really care any more. Did they care when Olly’s wife was deprived of her business computers, phones and camera for several months, for something for which the prosecution could find no evidence? Do you think councillor Philip Read (Conservative, Northumberland Heath) cared when he signed the statement that put Olly in a cell for 24 hours for reasons the District Judge said was so much bull excrement? No. So why should I care about them? Well; perhaps I’m not totally without compassion; I’ll say this. It wasn’t councillor Steven Hall (†) and it wasn’t councillor Peter Catterall (†) despite his familiarity with the T word. And you may reasonably guess that it wasn’t a member of the Labour party either.

Philip Read is a Director of International Travel Resources Ltd, New York Hotel Bookings, Las Vegas Hotel Bookings and Travel Trade Solutions and owns the relevant web domains. I spell that out in the hope that Google will bring some of his potential customers here and that they will have an opportunity to see what sort of malicious and disreputable character they would be dealing with.

† Singled out because at some time in the past year or two they have treated the Bonkers team in a reasonable fashion. I hope that doesn’t get them into trouble with the remaining 50. If it does, maybe they should choose their friends more carefully.


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