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News and Comment March 2012

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21 March (Part 1) - A big fat fib

There is absolutely no mileage in peddling untruths; that may be Bexley council’s game but they have plenty to hide and have accordingly earned the reputation with which they are now saddled. I’m certain that if anyone chose to consistently and deliberately tell lies about Bexley council they would soon find themselves legally pursued. As it is Bexley council has only been able to hit back by making up false stories. That I was urging the population to equip itself with flaming torches, pitchforks and petrol bombs. That poor old Olly was planning to tip the contents of a dog’s rear end through councillor Seymour’s letter box and perhaps worst of all, that the 75 year old Elwyn Bryant was up to the various tricks of which you are by now all well aware in a council office. It is beyond pathetic but it is what you get if you scrimp on talent by only paying the chief executive £200,000 a year. What do you expect for that sort of money? Intelligence?

But I have an admission to make which grieves me somewhat; I can only plead that I was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. On 24th February I said “The obscene blog issue is close to dead and buried”. That was a big fat fib. As you may recall, whilst I was never able to name a suspect I did put out a few clues as to where circumstantial evidence might lead. Pointing out how councillors’ own blogs were disappearing, that sort of thing. But then I was asked not to do it… by the investigating officer at Bexleyheath police station no less. For that reason nothing much appeared about the obscene blog from the beginning of February onwards. I was told that every time I dropped hints his suspect did more to cover his tracks.

Teresa Pearce MP James Brokenshire MP David Evenett MPI was a little surprised to hear that very clear confirmation that the investigation was still going on but apparently it was. I was told in writing it ended last August. Papers revealed following Olly’s unwarranted prosecution said the obscene blog investigation was effectively shelved on 7th July. The policeman told me that investigation had been restarted after further evidence came to light. I am more inclined to think that the investigation was resumed because two MPs twisted a few arms very strongly but I could be wrong.

Bexley council has openly attacked three citizens (†) of the borough in recent months, all three by some strange coincidence have been critical of their behaviour, and by chance one each from the three borough parliamentary constituencies. Two have been willingly and ably supported by their MPs and one has been totally ignored by his. Teresa didn’t even need to be asked.

† If you ignore the constant attacks on Mr. and Mrs. Grootendorst.


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