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News and Comment May 2012

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14 May (Part 3) - Everything is crap to Olly, probably SITE has a missing aitch

Youve-been-Cromwelled - Menu list John Kerlen, aka Olly Cromwell, is not afraid to use bad language on his website, as I have said before, everything is S. H. I. T. to him. It's his choice and it’s not illegal, at least I don’t think it is.

Olly has been convicted of using grossly offensive language and menacing an unnamed Bexley councillor. His overuse of the ‘S’ word is what got him into trouble, although it needed councillor Sandra Bauer to twist his ill chosen words into something criminal. It was Bauer’s false statement that did the real damage.

She has one or two supporters for her lie and one has been having his say on the Comments section of Olly’s website. Among his veiled threats of violence one can detect that he thinks the reason for the recent trial was Olly’s posting of a picture of an unidentified councillor’s house on Twitter. I would suggest that anyone who believes that to be true is extremely naive.

Bexley council in the shape of councillor Melvin Seymour reported Olly to a subservient police force because they wanted to shut him up - the council wasn’t interested in protecting Seymour’s family - his address was all over the web long before Olly was untruthfully accused of making it public. For proof I offer the following…

Please find attached a copy of a draft Restraining Order which the Crown intends to apply for at the conclusion of these proceedings be it a not guilty or a guilty finding.

“The Court made the following restraining order against the defendant under the provision of section 5/5A of the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 as amended by section 12 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004, subject to any further order which may be made by any court.

For the purposes of protecting the persons listed in the Schedule attached to this order from harassment, John Graham Kelan is prohibited from:

1. Causing any statement to appear on the internet which relates to any person listed in the said attached Schedule. For the avoidance of doubt this includes continuing to allow a statement made to remain on the internet.

2. Approaching, contacting or attempting to contact any person listed in the attached schedule.”

The Schedule was a list of all 63 of Bexley’s councillors. Can there really be any doubt about what Bexley council was intent on doing? The draft order was drawn up in February, two months after John Kerlen was acquitted of all the charges brought by Bexley council. Once again they show how Bexley council regards the law as their plaything to be used maliciously against residents whenever they wish, especially if their many other sins are in danger of being exposed.

Note dated 17th August 2012. At an appeal hearing where both Seymour and Bauer were called as witnesses and cross examined it became clear that it was Seymour who had dishonestly exaggerated the content of the Tweet in order to attempt a miscarriage of justice and Bauer had merely sent him a copy and took no part in its embellishment.


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