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News and Comment May 2012

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29 May - Not a Happy Birthday

Obscene blogIt was a year ago today that I discovered Bexley council’s obscene blog after someone, I would guess a Conservative Bexley councillor, impersonated me with an account in my name at Google blogspot.

It should have been an easy crime for the police to solve. Straight on to their Cybercrime unit to get the source details from Google, interview Teresa O’Neill to see what she knew about it, seize a computer or two and feel a collar. But the police did none of that; they twiddled their thumbs for ten weeks and then wrote to say the trail had gone cold. They owed their friends at the Civic Centre nothing less.

When the police were asked what they had done or not done they said it wasn’t in the public interest to tell us. However my MP, Teresa Pearce, and Elwyn Bryant’s MP, James Brokenshire, both leaned on the then Borough Commander Dave Stringer and on 10th February we met him only to be told almost nothing except that we should be patient. We are still being patient.

At the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Road Show in Sidcup two weeks ago, Elwyn Bryant raised the subject with the new boss, Bernard Hogan-Howe. He listened attentively and asked Elwyn to have a word with the new Borough Commander, Victor Olisa, after the show. The Commissioner said that if Elwyn was still not satisfied a week later he should refer the matter back to himself.

By the end of the meeting Elwyn was pleased with the interest Victor Olisa’s took in his story. He took away Olisa’s personal card bearing his new telephone number. After hearing nothing in 12 days he decided it was time to write to the Commissioner but to give the Commander one final chance he rang the number Olisa gave him. It provided the Unobtainable Tone. Via the main switchboard he managed to get through to Olisa’s secretary. She said he would call Elwyn back. He didn’t. It looks like Hogan-Howe may be getting a letter.

Although I didn’t go to the Commissioner’s Road Show I am in occasional contact with a policeman who knows something about the case. I would say it is not yet formally dead but is sick and in its terminal stage.

If there is anyone left who is unfamiliar with the content of Bexley council’s blog, go here and use the provided user name and password.


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