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News and Comment May 2012

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31 May - Month end roundup

Tuckley and O'NeillQuite a month. We have seen Bexley council succeed with their vendetta against Olly Cromwell. He upset O’Neill and Tuckley by filming a council meeting and they were down the police station about him less than a week later with a story that was 100% untrue. Then they successfully pursued him through the courts and those same lies were trotted out at every hearing. How many times does it have to be said that Olly never mentioned flaming torches and pitchforks on his blog until a few days ago? But the Judge was told differently at both his trial and sentencing hearing.

The Local Government Ombudsman’s investigator Helen Bingham ruled that Bexley council is at liberty to tell lies to the police any time it wants and it is up to the police to stop them. As if they would. Then there was the ruling that the new mayor Alan Downing is “disrespectful” - or maybe not - and Teresa O’Neill’s claim to have been offered jobs by Boris Johnson was discredited - or maybe not. (†)

Victor OlisaWhat Bexleyheath police have been up to recently in relation to Bexley council’s obscene blogging is simply beyond belief. I can’t tell you exactly what it is they have been saying in recent days though it will come out eventually, but it looks like they have devised a plan to head off any chance of a successful conclusion but be able to tell us it wasn’t their fault their investigation all went horribly wrong.

Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa, Bexleyheath’s new Borough Commander caused the final vestiges of patience to evaporate yesterday when he phoned Elwyn Bryant, one of the obscene blogger’s victims, to tell him nothing he didn’t know already except that Olisa considered him to be “unfair” to have mentioned the case to the Commissioner and to be chasing the Commander for answers - after a mere 51 weeks of evasion and procrastination!

Both Elwyn’s and my own MP have been told of the situation and I think it is fair to say they are utterly confused and almost speechless. If things go quiet here over the next few days it will only in part be due to the Jubilee Celebrations, it will also be because a letter to Commissioner Hogan-Howe has to be written. I shall assemble all the evidence I have of the corruption and incompetence that must be endemic at the senior levels of Bexleyheath police and dump it in his lap. Maybe it will take fewer than the 25 years my son-in-law has been battling Met. Police corruption. At least he has had written confirmation that they are totally bent.

Another chore to be faced imminently is the month end change of blog date and to try a different method for switching readers who prefer to come directly to the latest blog via the route. The old method was too often ensnared by browser caches. It will be retained for So many choices!

Note 1: The site restructuring of 23rd November 2012 outdates the above comments.
Note 2: In late Summer 2020 the decision was taken to let both these domains expire. Eventually neither will work.

While I am on the subject of web technicalities; a reminder that the new EU law on cookies has come into force for web sites run by ‘organisations’. I doubt that includes Bonkers but you may have noticed websites asking you to confirm cookie acceptance when visiting them this week. Bexley council’s website is not alone in getting nowhere near complying with the law. To see what should be done the information Commissioner’s site is probably as good an example as any.

If you change from this blog’s default text size a cookie will be stored on your computer. If you would prefer it wasn’t then don’t change the font size! I tried to introduce a facility for deleting the Bonkers cookie but although it did so the site lost all its formatting characteristics (the style sheet). I am still scratching my head over that one. (††)

This site’s Cookie Policy is set out here. (†††) It is modelled on that found on the Met. Police website. It isn’t strictly legal but if it is good enough for them…

† All will be revealed tomorrow.
†† Problem solved 14:25, 31st May 2012.
††† From May 2018 all Cookies were removed from Bonkers.


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