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News and Comment November 2012

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3 November (Part 1) - Bay watching

Belvedere Road Belvedere Road Belvedere RoadFrom Belvedere Road came an offer to rescue me from the current news vacuum. Bexley council has been renovating the footpaths and sure enough the square slabs had been replaced with asphalt as is the modern rather ugly way.

The road is blessed with on-pavement parking bays so beloved of Bexley council for their ability to confuse visitors although to be fair I saw nothing obviously wrong with the newly painted white lines. However the complaint that tempted me to Belvedere Road was the total lack of imagination on display.

As the photographs show, some of the parking bays are quite long, easily taking three cars and possibly four, so why didn't Bexley council do the job properly while replacing the kerb stones and cementing them back into place? If they had done so there would be no need for drivers to wreck their tyres by driving up a kerb. If the end bays are already occupied the middle ones can be accessed in no other way. Why did they not simply construct small recessed bays? The cost of placing the new kerb stones a couple of feet from the originals must be insignificant when undertaking a major pavement reconstruction.

Thanks to the road management skills of Mike Frizoni (Deputy Director, Public Realm Management) the residents of Belvedere Road are unnecessarily made to risk blowouts and forced to go to SETyres more often than they would wish.


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