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News and Comment November 2012

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15 November (Part 3) - And the winner of the shortest yellow line competition is…

Shortest yellow lineStrange as it may sound, not all Bonkers readers have internet connections; I know of one who keeps in touch via his mates in a pub, another who gets the news while sitting in a steam room and another who only gets a print out at the end of the month. I shall not offer to do that again. Too costly! However one of those less well informed ‘readers’ asked only last week if the blog covers stories other than parking related ones. It may be that the next few days will have you thinking I shouldn’t have said “of course not”. A small deluge of parking stories have recently hit my Inbox.

The photo published alongside was taken today in Blackfen. Surely there must be an explanation for it other than Mike Frizoni is nuts?


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