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News and Comment November 2012

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19 November (Part 2) - Bexley Bullies

Overgrown hedge Bexley bulliesFollowing the irony of Bexley council’s involvement in the Hate Crime campaign last month they are now intent on eradicating bullying. Apparently today marks the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week. Bexley council is saying that…

Bullying is an abuse of power that results in distress and pain (physical, mental or emotional) to the victim. It is usually part of a pattern of behaviour rather than an isolated incident. There are three significant factors in bullying:
• A power imbalance in favour of the aggressor.
• A victim who cannot match that power.
• it is repeated often over a period of time.

Remind you of anyone? Yes, it fits the way Bexley council treated the Grootendorsts to a tee. Presumably they will make amends for their vendetta by getting rid of their own bullies, like John Waring and Diane Glazer who tormented the Grootendorsts for two years because they have more trees and sheds in their garden than their neighbours. The council’s expensive case against them was thrown out in court.

The Grootendorst’s garden has far less effect on other residents than some others (see associated picture) but presumably they are not owned by council critics.


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