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News and Comment November 2012

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29 November - Halt. Who goes there?

Cyclists dismount Cyclists dismountIf I am short of news or fancy a quiet day its easy to fall back on another Frizoni Folly; there seems to be an inexhaustible supply.

I cannot make head nor tail of this one. A two way cycle path is suddenly interrupted by Give Way signs but what one is supposed to give way to is unclear. There is no adjacent dropped kerb, there is no tactile paving and it’s not a good place for a pedestrian to cross the road as I discovered while taking the photographs. There is no gate or opening in the adjacent wall either so there really is no special need for a pedestrian to want to cross the cycle path at this point.

It’s a total mystery. One can only guess it is a left over from long ago which may have made sense then but as has been seen so often before no Bexley council official comes out to check the work that is done in their name.

Where is it? I’m tempted not to say to ‘keep ’em guessing’ but I suppose that might be irresponsible. OK, it’s in Erith, around the corner from the Potion Bar in Wharfside Close.

Note: with thanks to a reader’s tip off.


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