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News and Comment October 2012

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3 October (Part 1) - I nearly forgot…

Daily Telegraph report Abbey Road floodI had planned to give Bexley council credit in the September roundup for putting right one wrong and possibly attempting to fix the regular marooning of householders in Abbey Road, Belvedere. I don’t go looking for Bexley good news stories but if I report bad news I prefer it to be accurate.

The ticket issued to a helpful bus driver on 14th September, subsequently reported in the Daily Telegraph) see left), was rescinded once the News Shopper got hold of the story.

The 25 year old flood in Abbey Road may have been fixed. Three weeks after the photos appeared on Bonkers, F.M. Conway dug a trench in that stretch of road and laid a 25 cm. (or thereabouts) plastic tube. I’ve not see the road flood since.

Credit where credit is due.

Note: The repair was short lived. The road floods again.


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