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News and Comment September 2012

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30 September - It’s the end of the month again

Bexley council’s long holiday from meetings has come to an end and with luck so will the Bonkers barrel scraping exercise required on some days during the past month. Within the next couple of weeks there will be a council meeting chaired by the pen-jabbing Alan Downing and a cabinet chaired by the discredited Teresa O’Neill. There have been some small breaks in Bexley council’s illegal determination not to answer any enquiries. Freedom of Information responses have trickled through - well I can think of one anyway.

Following the Communities Secretary’s Press Release last month
Pickles' Press Release
…and the change to the law which took place on 10th September, Bexley council rejected John Kerlen’s (aka Olly Cromwell) request to take a camera into the Civic Centre which given their unbroken record of defying Government guidance on openness, transparency and pay levels came as no surprise.

As yet I have had no reply to my own similar request.

With the publication of Bexley council’s accounts comes official confirmation that they have been lying through their teeth on all manner of things. Condemned out of their own mouths. An instance of that coming tomorrow. At the time of writing all the evidence is still on the council’s website.

Bexleyheath police TweetThe beginning of the month saw (based entirely on News Shopper reports) councillor Peter Craske have his bail extended to 16th October. His offence, Misconduct in Public Office but exactly what he has done no one is allowed to know. Bexley council will neither confirm or deny whether any councillor is in trouble with the police. “Leave it to us” say Bexleyheath police but for how long is not something they wish to talk about.


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