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News and Comment October 2012

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11 October (Part 1) - D minus for comprehension

News Shopper letterFor the past year or two all the News Shopper letters in support of Bexley council have eventually been found to have some familial or political link back to Bexley council and time will tell whether the name Clement is similarly connected.

The Shopper’s headline states the obvious. We have come a long way since as a seven year old I took a stick and scratched the letters S H I T in the garden earth and was rewarded with a beating. Olly has developed filthy language to an art form and possibly beyond as anyone who follows him on Twitter will know. I feel it all gets rather tiresome but it isn’t illegal, neither should it be.

Megan Clement is unfortunately one of those gullible souls who failed her comprehension tests at school. Unlike the appeal judge she has fallen for Bexley council’s propaganda and believes that Olly wrote about faeces through letterboxes. Those in possession of the facts know that was a malicious falsehood from Crayford ward councillor Melvin Seymour. The question of me supporting such a statement or act does not and cannot arise because neither ever happened.

Megan Clement is probably not alone in confusing her own opinions, prejudices and misconceptions with the law and like Bexley council she seems to think that acting outside it is OK in a civilised society. That was my criticism of Bexley council, it had rejoiced in a miscarriage of justice. So it would appear does Megan Clement.


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