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News and Comment October 2012

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18 October (Part 3) - Whoever said the wheels of justice turn slowly had been dealing with the Met

Today has seen another update from the police in connection with their investigation into Bexley council’s obscene blogging activities. Once again they do not give any clue about a possible connection with the News Shopper’s report on ex-cabinet member Peter Craske. The only link is that ‘their man’ and ‘ours’ were both first arrested on 21st June 2012. Even that overstates the known facts, Elywn Bryant and I do not even know if the blogger was a man.

The new message says someone remains on police bail. Until when it doesn’t say. Statements have been obtained and communications devices are being forensically examined - well I should hope so after 16 months - and advice is awaited from the Crown prosecution Service. As you can see, the police are masters of revealing nothing at all. Their excuse is that potential witnesses must be kept in the dark but it invites speculation.

One is that Teresa O’Neill will be interfering in the course of justice as she has done so many times before and that ultimately the establishment must triumph over the plebs. The other is that if someone is charged with the offence it will look even worse for the previous investigating team who were dismissive of the crime and provided a false report as to why the investigation could not be pursued. So to protect their own there will be no charge. All idle speculation of course, facts are in short supply.


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