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News and Comment October 2012

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20 October (Part 1) - Bacon headed logic

Fined for fly posting Roundabout noticeBexley council was again doing what it likes best last month, prosecuting people. Someone from Orpington had plastered the town with 82 small posters so Bexley council dragged him to court. If your dog strays or your cat doesn’t come home don’t tell anyone.

The man shouldn’t have done it, Bexley council is perfectly capable of cluttering its streets without help from anyone else but what is revealing about the case is cabinet member Bacon’s reasoning. “It is an unnecessary distraction to motorists.”

Who takes any notice of a scrap of paper on a lamp post while driving by? On the other hand as you come down Knee Hill, trying to guess whether the tearaway speeding out of Thamesmead is going to go up the hill or not and which of the two straight ahead exits the car in front is likely to take, you are expected to jot down the phone number of Amber Cars. Every roundabout is similarly adorned and which councillor is in charge of them now that Peter Craske is keeping the police busy? Bacon.

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