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News and Comment October 2012

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24 October (Part 1) - Misconductors in Public Office

Teresa O'Neill and Peter CraskeCouncil leader Teresa O’Neill and councillor Peter Craske adopt their ‘Up yours’ pose which so neatly sums their view of the electorate and their joint ambition to cover up crime.

Last February Bexley police undertook to update me monthly on the state of their investigation into Bexley council’s obscene blog but at the beginning of September they did so only because I pestered them a little and in October I have not bothered to ask. Met. Police guidance on hate crime is all one might wish for; victims must be treated sympathetically but all I got last month was “I do not intend to reveal any details of what enquiries we are conducting”. It can’t be long now before another formal complaint is made.

A few days ago I told the police about my own internet trace which led to an address which Peter Craske knows very well indeed. I was unable to send the full evidence by email because the language was too extreme to pass through the police mail filter but I made the police aware of its existence. Have they jumped to attention and asked me anything about it or made any attempt to see it? No they have not. Only once has Borough Commander Olisa shown any interest in this case; he told Elwyn Bryant that he was showing impatience by complaining about the time it has taken to achieve not a lot. Currently very nearly 17 months.

I don’t believe that Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa has a clue about Bexley council’s criminal history or how Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley attempted to pervert the course of justice with their lies about John Kerlen and myself. The IPCC upheld the complaint against Bexley police for taking the word of two liars at face value and without investigation but that was before Olisa’s arrival on the scene. He shows no sign of being any better than his two predecessors and I do have evidence for that statement. The time has come to see what Chief Inspector Victor Olisa is made of.

Yesterday’s News Shopper’s report. The police tell them more than they do the crime victims.


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