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News and Comment October 2012

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26 October (Part 1) - Total incompetence? Probably

Bexleyheath police stationFollowing yesterday’s indirect messages from the police about Bexley council’s obscene blog a few more things have come to light. None give any confidence that our local police force is other than totally incompetent although it is possible to imagine a scenario which might make sense of the current situation. Unfortunately the police refuse to comment on that possibility - or anything - so my default position that only fools trust policemen must remain unchanged.

Last March 15th former Borough Commander Dave Stringer said that the case was concluded and had been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. Now they say it is yet to go there. Does that mean that recent developments have effectively made it a new case or do we have muddle and deceit?

The number of suspects has sometimes been one but more recently a vague and undefined figure. Are we being deliberately misled by the police or are they unsure?

Bexley council’s obscene blog referred to Elwyn and myself as homosexuals ‘caught in the act’ in the Civic Offices. Back in June 2011 the police wrongly assumed that we were a couple who lived together. His wife was not happy about their mistake. Yesterday they sent a jointly addressed message only to Elwyn’s address. Perhaps that explains why in recent weeks only Elwyn has been on the receiving end of police messages. Is it an indication of how well they understand the case after spending 17 months on it?

The investigation has been transferred to yet another police officer, the fourth that I know of this year. Unfortunately it is the same officer who led the malicious prosecution of John Kerlen. A policeman with a predisposition to accept statements from Bexley councillors without question. He did not to my knowledge make any false statements in Court but he was content to see others do so without making any effort to correct them.

The police said yesterday that relieving their suspect of his/her bail conditions changes things not one jot. Their suspicions remain and their investigation continues - but not very fast. They have still not accepted the new evidence discovered more than a week ago.

If the News Shopper reports next week that councillor Peter Craske has been relieved of his bail conditions I will be inclined to stop pussy-footing around on who is suspected of posting Bexley council’s obscene blog.


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