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News and Comment April 2012

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11 April (Part 2) - Are they all in it together?

This may be one for the conspiracy theorists but I cannot help thinking that some recent events may be linked. Elwyn Bryant’s call to his MP’s office revealed that they too thought the long delay by the Crown Prosecution Service considering the case of Bexley council’s obscene blogger is a funny one. Obviously they can’t say some sort of cover-up is being engineered but you and I might think it. Mr. Brokenshire is to make suitable enquiries.

Then there is the transfer of our most senior policeman from what he has often said is the most law abiding borough in London to an inner London hell hole (†). He’s only been here a year so his influence on Bexley has been minimal, it’s not a case of a proven track record of crime busting being transferred to where it is needed most; it looks more like a punishment. But for what? Initially turning a blind eye to a criminal council or allowing the mess that is Olly Cromwell’s prosecution to be developed under his nose by dishonest councillors? Olly has hinted that his legal team have some surprises in store for people who bring malicious prosecutions; I can only guess what they may be.

My complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman that councillor leader Teresa O’Neill and Chief Executive Will Tuckley made false allegations to the police in an effort to have both Olly and myself locked up seems to be progressing well. I have already sent in evidence provided after intervention by the Information Commissioner that I think makes their false allegations plain for all to see and the LGO has now asked more about what the Independent Police Complaints Commission had to say.

IPCC letterDI Marshall came to the conclusion that no offence had taken place yet the very same report from O’Neill and Tuckley was used in the first prosecution of Olly Cromwell.

I am not convinced that the LGO is truly independent so I will not be counting any chickens, but they have been given documents that show O’Neill and Tuckley were not interested in the truth when they went to the police, their interest was prevention of scrutiny. If the LGO rules against them I shall be thinking along the same lines as Olly’s legal team. Criminals, whether working for councils or not, should have their collars felt.

If the pair of them succeed in giving Olly a criminal record on Friday a bit of me is inclined to name which of Bexley’s Conservative councillors was responsible for the "tosspot" comments. Or is that stooping to their level?

† Oh dear. Within a couple of hours of posting this I got an email from a resident of Tower Hamlets.


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