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News and Comment April 2012

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15 April (Part 6) - Menacing

Web visitorsI’m not used to having people send me complaints about this website, it’s strange perhaps but it just never happened - until Friday that is. I have been menacingly advised by councillor Seymour’s friend who writes to me under his pseudonym of The Truth that I should learn when it is wise to keep my mouth shut and that I suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome.

Olly Cromwell is legally bound not to broadcast anything detailed about his current tussle with Bexley council and the law and the newspapers are not covering it; I feel I should put out as many facts as I can muster. I’m no friend of Bexley council but I am acutely aware of what they will do if my reports should be untruthful. Fortunately with a council as outlandish as Bexley there is no need to make things up.

I have also been told that I am too old to blog and I should hand over to someone younger who isn’t so “boring, boring, boring”. It’s hard for me to judge when I am being boring and all I can do is go by feedback. Obviously it is depressing to think that someone in Bexley is so uninterested in what his elected representatives do in his name but the unique visitors counter shows a different story. You can see the flat lining all week and the staggering rise on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is always a quiet day but by 3 p.m. today Saturday’s score was well and truly beaten. I think I will continue to be boring for a little while longer. I shall probably send The Truth’s emails to the police as a precaution, we know who he is. You would think that councillor Seymour would want to keep his friends in check. Letting them loose to menace people physically and electronically cannot be very sensible.

Update: Since writing the above I have had two more messages from councillor Seymour’s friend who calls himself The Truth; they get more menacing. Apparently he doesn’t like the pictures on the last blog and it will likely get me on the same charge as Olly. He's taken a screenshot as evidence. A waste of his time, they are not going anywhere and I don’t suppose Google will remove their copies either, because that is where they came from.

He regards my early morning announcement that I was off to take photographs (since removed as it was just holding text to attract site visitors) as evidence of more harassment and has screen grabbed that too. I was in Glebelands before the world got out of bed this morning but I’m told I will be in court for that too. I went there to be sure I knew what I was talking about rather than rely on information from Olly as any responsible reporter would.

As it turned out my photos weren't as good as Google’s but the intention was to show observers where this crime took place and enable them to visualise it better and also to see if the yellow line comments made in court could be justified. I’m glad I went because I saw no clear evidence that they were out of order. Isn’t one allowed to verify facts now before reporting them?

Actually (can I still use that word?) I think my reports on councillor Seymour since Friday have been erring towards the sympathetic. He isn't the first individual to be fed a story and fall for it without any checks and consequently face unpredictable consequences. It may be an uncomfortable place to be but not nearly as uncomfortable as Olly’s.

Definition of Tourette’s from the relevant charity’s website: The key feature is tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements. 90 percent of people with TS do not swear uncontrollably.


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