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News and Comment August 2012

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10 August (Part 4) - A good day for making a quick buck

Twin Towers Philip ReadPeople of my generation used to say they could always remember where they were when they learned that President Jack Kennedy had been assassinated. Coming home to find my parents glued to the TV set with neighbour, Mrs. Fletcher, sobbing uncontrollably, since you asked.

Younger people may say the same about the planes flown into New York’s World Trade Center. I was working in a building right next door to the US Embassy and feeling very vulnerable in there if you must know.

You may need to be reminded of what our government of the day’s first priority was on 11th September 2001. Jo Moore, a government Special Adviser emailed her press office with the immortal words “It’s now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury. Councillors’ expenses?” Advice widely condemned at the time and rightly so. But Tony Blair’s government was not the only shameful outfit to try to turn 2,996 tragic deaths to its advantage.

Those with long memories will know that Bexley councillor Philip Read has for a long time dabbled with the travel industry with a succession of fly by night companies to his name. I have found ten that lead back to him.

A company called USA Tailor Made Holidays, registered to Philip Read of 53 Myrtle Close, Erith, like Jo Moore, also saw the act of terrorism as a golden opportunity. It provided special deals to the US and scene of the crime to try to stop itself hitting a brick wall. In that it failed. The company was dissolved.

Those who know him imply that Read is a thoroughly nasty piece of work who may think nothing of profiting from death and destruction. I don’t know him well enough to be sure, but everyone knows he told a cock and bull story to Bexleyheath police in a successful attempt to have blogger Olly Cromwell put behind bars. A District Judge said Read was entirely wrong but not before Olly had spent a day and a night in a cell. I may not know the worm, but I respect the view of those who do.

More on Philip Read later.


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